One of the true headaches that sw engineers have, is how to keep up with technology. Once upon a time, c, cpp, perl, vb, r, fortran got one going for a long time. Then java/j2ee came along versus the ms country flavor of c# dotnet. However push web, cloud and mobile have disrupted the market. sw eng had to choose fast as the sw technologies’ pace increases. php, asp, ruby, python, angular, html5, android or ios (java, objectiveC, native, phonegap), node.js, erlang. And how to sustain the legacy code that ages fast. So we might receive requests for candidates mastering all: mfc, wpf and html5 (who remembers flash). The weird thing is that applicants and sw managers, consult with us regarding trends, to try and guess where the wind is blowing. We have no idea.
Published in – 2015.

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