risky prophesies

Sometimes we are asked about the professional trends we notice in the demand for sw developers. In Israel, dominated by java, c, c++, c#, the easy way of looking into the crystal ball is to check the trends in the US web development. Usually it takes a few years for popular sw languages to migrate to Israel. Fine past examples are python and javascript and today with an elegant delay arrive scala and ruby-on-rails to a country that cherishes dotnet, node.js and java for web development. The considerations within a company as to picking new technologies, also relate to the current knowledge of the rnd group and the easiest migration path from the legacy ecosystem. The delay with the States has also the benefit of skipping trends which gain two years of fame and recede, thus never reaching Israel. In addition, there are market derived differences. For example, in the US, IPhone has close to half the market share, but as far as paying customers for sw and content, it has the lion share. So in the States, we still see applications that get the ios version before android, as opposed to Israel where ios developers are not in such demand. The future of Apple's swift in Israel is also interesting to watch, as are other application specific languages such as cuda and R.
Published in 2016.

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